Email Marketing For Affiliate Income Growth

Email marketing is a key part of growing your affiliate income. It’s a way of reaching out to people and making them feel included in your business. As that relationship matures and develops, you become more likely to make a sale. This article will explore how you can use email marketing to grow your affiliate business’ income and fuel its growth.

What is email marketing?

According to Oberlo, almost 90% of marketing professionals use email marketing.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why email marketing is so popular is that it’s cost-effective. In a way that most advertisements can’t, emails can target individuals by name and lead to a closer relationship with your potential client.

The email itself can be personalised and tailored to pitch your affiliate products to the audience in question.

These factors combined make it a potent tool for driving affiliate sales.

Why should affiliates use email marketing?

For the reasons listed above, all affiliates should consider using email marketing to grow their business.

Affiliate marketing sales have the potential to be significantly boosted by a well-designed email marketing campaign.

Compared to other methods, such as Google Ads, email marketing is much more friendly to your budget. Therefore, it’s often seen as a good way of getting started.

How to launch an email marketing campaign?

This section will look at the main steps you should take when launching an email campaign.

  1. First of all, you’ll need a collection of contact information from your audience. The best of doing this is to create lead generation forms for your website. These forms could take various formats, such as pop-up, scroll, embedded or exit intent forms. Use the page’s structure and layout to choose the best form for the job, and don’t be afraid to use different ones on different pages. You might attract more customers this way.
  2. Get relevant information – be careful when asking visitors to your affiliate marketing website for their information. You only need information that aligns with the product you are trying to sell. It would also create distrust to ask for too many details. Somewhere in the middle, there’s a balance – a balance you can work with.
  3. Create value – give your audience something they might be happy to trade their contact information for. Ensure you have a collection of resources, freebies or special offers that you could offer them. For instance, you might offer someone a free eBook guide if they sign up for your email marketing campaign. Other examples could be a high-quality blog or membership to a particular platform.

Once you have a substantial pool of email addresses, you can move onto the next stage: segmentation.

Depending on the product you are trying to sell, you may want to divide your contacts into their respective industries, locations, ages, etc.

How to write for email marketing

Instead of jumping straight into sales mode, focus on what the buyer will receive – talk about them rather than you. It’s basic psychology, but it’s easy to forget. People don’t like others who spend a lot of time talking about themselves. Humble people, however, are naturally likeable. Using this idea, try using pronouns like “you” and “your” instead of “we” and “our”.

Next, you should be aware that you’ll often have to cover all three stages of the buyer’s journey – namely, awareness, consideration and decision making. The buyer will have to go through all of these, usually in the process of reading your email. Therefore, you’ll have to attract, hold and convince the buyer – all in one go. If you can manage this, you can expect the income for your affiliate marketing business to increase dramatically.

Track and monitor the metric

Use tracking techniques to check which emails are performing well and which are struggling.

You can use these programs to analyse your audience’s behaviour and reaction to your emails and products. It’s vital to continue adapting to what sells well and cover up all the problems you uncover.

Quick tips

  • Keep the subject line short enough to fit inside the inbox preview of the message – if it’s too long, people will be put off from opening it.
  • DON’T USE ALL-CAPS IN THE SUBJECT LINE – it’s indicative of spam messages, and, besides, it often reads like someone is shouting at you.
  • Spend as much time as you can personalising the email – the more you can engage with your potential buyer through email marketing, the more likely you are to make a sale.
  • Always double-check your CTAs, links and alt texts for images.
  • If you decide to purchase a bulk set of email addresses, ensure you comply with all legal requirements, including spam laws. Never buy personal information from an unreliable source.


⚡️Email marketing is a simple way to engage with buyers and generate additional income by selling affiliate products.

⚡️You could also use it for newsletters to keep your customers interested and regularly returning to your online store.

⚡️Used correctly, email marketing can provide a great source of additional income.