Small in numbers, big in success with the proper affiliate program

With the advent of mobile apps, turning a hobby into what is also a viable income stream is becoming ever more within reach – you don’t even need to be leading a massive team to see skyrocketing popularity.

After all, the main idea is to have fun, smiles Gabriel Lipsa from GLiApps. Recently, this duo of developers from Romania has become one of the most successful partners of the carVertical affiliate program.

Nonetheless, popularity must be earned. carVertical has partnered with GLiApps, a two-person team operating since 2015. During the 5 years of their collaboration, the engineers’ duet has launched more than 10 applications, with their best-rated app spending more than a year in first place on the Auto&Vehicles category on the Google Play Store in Portugal and second place in France. Even later down the line, they remain in the top 3 and top 20 in the two countries, respectively.

Talking in numbers, GLIApps has delivered specifications for more than 2.5 million vehicles to users around the world over the past 12 months. All in all, the team can boast about 1 million+ downloads from more than 20 countries. These guys know success.

50% increase in 3 months

Seeing an excellent opportunity to cooperate, carVertical reached out with an offer to cooperate. Despite initial reserve, the duo went ahead with it and will never look back.

“Everything started with a partnership proposal from carVertical. We decided to give it a try even if we didn’t expect much from this affiliate program, as we already tried many of them before. In no time, we realized that this was THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM that we needed with our application. carVertical helped us to increase our income by over 50% in the following 3 months after the integration,” Gabriel highlights.

The team at GLiApps is motivated to give as much information as possible to people interested in buying a used car. Developers feel that the history reports their app offers via carVertical make it a complete solution for such customers: “carVertical’s service brings some much-needed peace of mind when a person needs to buy a used car.”

While it’s serious business, the app is also something of a hobby for the two at GLiApps, allowing them to work on something unlike their usual job-related tasks, escaping their daily routines for a couple of hours a day, all the while creating something that benefits many people.

“We start by checking user feedback and respond to their requests or do the needed corrections. The search for new features and ideas occupies the rest of the time. The main idea is to have fun. If the work becomes an ordeal, we stop for some time. This doesn’t happen too often,” tells Gabriel.

A smooth collaboration at every step

The carVertical partner also has a few tips for those looking to step into the app market with their own original ideas, as well as those with a product on the market already and looking to partner up as affiliates.

Firstly, Gabriel points out that working as an affiliate, it can sometimes be a challenge to integrate the proposed service or product into your own solution. He notes that carVertical proposed personalized landing pages and, sometimes, on-demand services, all of which helped a lot.

Another problem you might face is after-sales support, which can generate negative feedback from users if poorly handled. Once again though, in his experience with carVertical – “it’s been handled well”.

“carVertical is a great platform, with a lot of potential and a big value service. Don’t hesitate to give feedback and ask for support or new services. They will always be there with good support and strive to make the user and affiliate experience better. This is based on our experience,” Gabriel adds.

According to the app designer, as carVertical continues to expand its service, the GLiApps team hopes to continue their partnership and concurrently to keep on improving their user experiences together.