When the affiliate partnership changes your life, just keep developing further

Arm yourself with patience, stick to the plan, and your dreams will come true, says one of the most fortunate Romanian affiliates Cristian Alexandru Lovin. The businessman has had a few successful digital projects in the past, but he calls the partnership with carVertical “the pinnacle of his successes.”

When Cristian Alexandru talks about his path, “perseverance” is the word he keeps coming back to.

“carVertical has changed my life in the sense that I know now that I can achieve much more. This success gives me the power to believe that I can always have more if I persevere,” says the owner of several VIN decoder websites and apps.

Although it’s only a part-time occupation for him,,, and and his other products generate a four-digit number of carVertical report sales every month.

The mission that unites

Cristian Alexandru already owned a car history application when he found out about carVertical on Google. He liked the main advantage the company offers consumers: avoiding scams when buying a used vehicle. The businessman proposed to use his app for an affiliate partnership. The carVertical team approved the idea, and this was the beginning.

Our protagonist started promoting the app on various social networks. He already had 2 Instagram accounts in the car category, so they boosted installations. Cristian Alexandru expanded the promotion and created two sites in Romanian and the third one in English. “I have had various personal projects in the past, which have been successful. But the partnership with carVertical is the pinnacle of my successes,” he concludes.

Cristian Alexandru put a lot of effort into optimisation, and it pays off. Both Romanian sites are already on top of Google’s search results; the English one is also growing rapidly. Another site built as a car catalog is in progress and will be launched soon.“It seems my products with carVertical bring up to 10 times higher sales than I assumed in the beginning. I think the amounts I make currently may double in the future,” the carVertical affiliate partner calculates bolder now.

Benefits both for the audience and for the partner

Besides SEO optimisation, Cristian Alexandru focuses on social networks. “My day starts with promoting on Instagram. This is something I do daily. I’m also constantly thinking about how to improve things. Sometimes I post on Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube, too,” the founder of lists.

Moreover, Cristian Alexandru keeps analysing his target audience. By the way, this is one of his tips for the affiliate beginners: “Get to know people, see what they need and how you can help them.” Also, you have to work as hard as you can and never give up.

“As a beginner affiliate, you need a lot of patience, perseverance, and a good plan to succeed. At first, it was hard for me to make sales, but over time, people gained more confidence in my products,” Cristian Alexandru remembers.

But it was worth toiling those busy months. Now the businessman’s products lead tens of thousands of visitors to the carVertical site and generate a four-digit number of sales. “The commission offered by carVertical is a pretty good motivation. Besides, this partnership helps me with my development,” the founder of reveals.

Cristian Alexandru highlights that the affiliate partnership with carVertical brings benefits both for his audience and for him. “Every person needs safety when buying a car, and this service can often provide safety. For me, any improvement that will bring a larger audience, which will bring more money, will grow my confidence in the ability to succeed,” says he.