CarVertical Affiliate Program

Get a commission for every VIN report sold


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  • Commissions start at 25% and up

  • Wide range of promo materials

  • High conversion rate at 3%

  • Blockchain protected data


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Generous payout models

As far as we know, our commission rates are among the most competitive ones in the industry. Your earnings depend on the number of carVertical reports bought by customers you refer.


Up to 100 sales 25%


Up to 500 sales 40%


1000+ sales - let’s talk

Benefit from a performance-based partnership

Gain from every report we sell


Commission rate starts from 25%

The more successful you perform, the more significant profit you earn. No commission capping period - every referral that led to conversion counts. .


Effective tools for mutual success

Free access to the vast high-quality promo material and consultations with the experienced marketing team. Track your performance in a real-time dashboard.


High conversion rate

As we constantly enter new markets, we see a great brand exposure and revenue growth. An average consumer now buys 2.9 report at a conversion rate of 3%.


Drive the transparent future

Strengthen your brand and give more value to your audience by associating with the first global car history registry based on blockchain.

Smooth and simple process

No mess or stress, only 3 easy steps

  1. Sign up for free

Join carVertical Affiliate program and get unique referral links and banners.


2. Spread the word

Start sending traffic to carVertical through your channels.


3. Benefit

Commissions paid every month.


Start earning money now

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