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With our solutions we will make your used car business a lot easier, more transparent and fair for car buyers.

  • Decrease risk of unexpected costs

  • Improve car evaluation process

  • Make your sales faster

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With carVertical, we've reduced the risk of buying cars with hidden flaws to a minimum. Previously, some issues could only be found after a thorough inspection.


Co-owner & Deputy CEO at CarTrax

Great for any automotive business

Whether you’re buying, selling, or insuring – carVertical can help

  1. Dealerships

    Users trust is the most important aspect of any business, especially a used car business. People buy from dealerships they trust and with carVertical you can provide information about a vehicle and increase trust in you even more.

  2. Online car marketplaces

    Integrating our service into your online marketplace or classified website will increase customer trust in your product. Additionally, it will also increase sales for dealerships on your platform, helping you grow your brand!

  3. Insurance and leasing companies

    Knowing the history of a vehicle gives you the information you need before offering your client an insurance certificate or a loan. Not only that, carVertical can also be very useful in the spheres of claim and fraud management.

  4. API Integration

    Convenience is of utmost importance to carVertical, therefore, our B2B customers can use our API. This allows you to integrate our services into yours, adapting and customizing the way you use carVertical and helping you make the most of it!

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We’re a hardworking team of thinkers and doers. Our passion is our work – making the used vehicle industry more transparent and helping both businesses and individuals get the best deal on the market. Let’s get acquainted!

  • Vytautas Nemura

    Vytautas Nemura

    B2B Lead

  • Robertas Boravskis

    Robertas Boravskis

    Marketing Lead

  • Miglė Kulionytė

    Miglė Kulionytė

    Sales Representative

  • Algirdas Grabskis

    Algirdas Grabskis

    Sales Representative

  • Karolina Žilinskė

    Karolina Žilinskė

    B2B Sales manager

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