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Leading the way in automotive data

Our car history reports are based on data from 900+ international databases belonging to national car registries, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, official garages, and other institutions. Once we've gathered all the relevant information about a vehicle, we organize it and present it in an easy-to-understand format. These reports are a great way to avoid bad deals, learn a vehicle's story to keep it healthy, or sell it at a good price.

User-empowering research and expert guides

Working with automotive data has taught us a lot about vehicles and the second-hand market. One of carVertical's main goals is to share this knowledge and empower car buyers not only with history reports but also with our expert-driven research, guides, tips and tricks. It doesn't matter if you're a vehicle buyer, owner, or seller – the carVertical Blog has useful information to make your life easier.

28 markets

In 2019, carVertical launched the first global car history register. During this period, we have managed to establish a presence in 28 markets, and we continue to expand, raising the level of transparency in the global used car market.

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Building a transparent global used vehicle market

For decades, getting a used car was a game of hide-and-seek between buyers and sellers. As recently as 5-10 years ago, you could only hope for sincerity or depend on physical inspections to detect flaws. Not anymore!

Through automotive data, we can learn the story of any vehicle on the market. This way, buyers learn about mileage rollbacks, past damages, safety issues, and other facts that can turn a great deal into an expensive nightmare.

Transparency on the second-hand market is the central goal of carVertical. We're proud to say that the existence of vehicle history reports has made selling bad vehicles more difficult and expensive. Buyers have learned that spending a little money on a history check is a lot cheaper than being blind-sided by future repair costs.

Yet that’s just part of the transparency puzzle – sellers are also learning that sales are quicker and easier with a history report. The result is beneficial for everyone: the quality of used vehicles on the market is growing, sellers are seen as more trustworthy, and buyers feel safer when choosing their next vehicle.

…And we’re just starting! carVertical has lots of exciting tools, features, and other solutions in the works. Through innovation, we will lead the industry to a level of transparency never before seen on the used vehicle market. We'll meet you all there!


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